Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Locations .. New Season ... Sweet Southern Summer Inspired Country Shoots ..With Some Vintage Tami Classics Too !!!

It's that time of year again ... The days are longer .. The air tastes sweeter .. The nights warmer and my favorite time to shoot ! A country girl at heart I scouted the entire County to find the perfect location to create a really sweet Southern country summmer look ... I invisioned little boys barefoot in their overalls with no shirt underneath eating huge slices of watermelon sitting against a barn door ...and vintage cars buried in knee deep grass in fields and as I was driving one day I stumbled upon yard car heaven ! The place where all old vintage cars and trucks come to rest at the end of their run ... Corrosion heaven with over 40 old cars and trucks nestled amongst acres of long grass and barns and farm equiptment... It took me 3 weeks to warm my way into the home owners heart LOL! But now that I have I have the perfect summer fun location ! ( I am half tempted to blind fold you all when I take you there though to keep my secret spot ... shhhhhhh) It has been an amazing kick off to summer filled with fun photography ... Stay tuned because with a completely sold out month and more ideas bursting out of my head for summer vintage fun it will be one amazing photography season !!!