Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pearl Harbor Military Inspired Love Story .. A Tale of Love, Hope & Tragic Separation....

This was the first photoshoot I actually wrote a storyboard about .. I directed and wrote a tale I wanted to tell through photography of a young couple tragically separated by war. I wanted to create a story and most of all wanted to move my audience through photo journalism and wanted them to feel something in their hearts and souls as they looked at the finished product. Regardless of age or where we are in lifes journey we all feel hope, love, loss and sometimes the painful distance that seperates us from a loved one and makes our heart ache each day we are apart... I would like to personally thank all of our armed forces and their families for their amazing service and sacrafice to our country. This shoot was inspired by you and as an artist hope to have captured in a beautiful poetic way some still frames of your life ... Where the only good thing about goodbyes is the long goodbye kiss that lingers on long after you have left and your loved ones hold on to until the day they are lucky enough to kiss you hello again ... For some that day never comes tragically ... For others it will. My models below are actually a true military couple and have lived their share of seperation and are now safely reunited. A true thank you from Artistic Photography by Tami .. because you fight for my freedom .. I am free to pursue the American dream and create & capture beauty as I see and feel it in my heart through the lense of a camera.

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  1. Tami, these turned out amazing! wow!! renee dieker