Thursday, August 13, 2009

Artistically Striking Feminine Portraiture with Contrast & Beauty. Model Shoots..

Every woman radiates a beauty unique and all her own ... My job as photographer is to capture this to show her just how amazingly beautiful she really is as I find even the prettiest girls on this planet are unaware of their own beauty..I now work exclusively with an artistically talented make up artist ( We are the perfect partners in crime ! ) who will create makeup for you to compliment and enhance your photoshoot ... Makeup by Bobbi and Artistic Photography by Tami are off and running as a team now ... For under $100 you can have over 100 photos just like the ones above with 6 artistically edited ones added to your CD as well.. For only $50 you can have amazing full makeup done on location by Bobbi -- So whether you use our talents together or contract us out seperate we are here and eager to service you to create a beautiful themed photoshoot just for you to love and adore all the years to come.

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